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Appalachian Heritage and Culture- A collection of oral histories

The Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Oral History Collection was created to document important aspects of the Appalachian region. Professor James Goode started the collection by asking his students to interview community members about the Scotia Mine Disaster in 1976. From there the collection grew to include over 900 oral histories ranging in topic from life histories to coal mining. Many of the oral histories in this collection document various aspects of Appalachian culture and traditions. Many of the interviewers for these projects were young students who interviewed family members about their life and passions. For many of these interviewers, these projects became a way to learn about their own culture and history.

The records in this virtual exhibit highlight a small portion of the SKCTC Oral History Collection. Topics include basket making, soap making, molasses and sorghum, corn shuck crafts, quilting, folk medicine, canning and much more. If you would like a copy of an interview please contact the cataloger at the email listed below.

Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Appalachian Archive, 700 College Road Cumberland, KY 40823