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Black and white photograph of a football team on a field. Two small boys are seated in the front row right. A line of football helmets are in front of the team and boys. A building is visible in the background. Caption on back reads "L to R 1st Row: Charles Isaacs; Can Bentley, 31; James "Peanut" Hall, 37; Carl Swanger, 36; Gary Bentley, 24; Harold Deon Tackett, 33; Donnie Collie and Ronnie 2nd Row: Leon Sergent, 20; Roger Dishman, 27; Donnie Skaggs, 34; James Hall, 62; Junior Thomas, 43; Alt. Capt. Donnie Browning , 22; Capt. Tyrone Bentley, 23; Harry Johnson, 29; Don Meade, 38; Jesse Carter, 35; Danny 3rd Row: Quillen, 25; Walter Cornett, 66; Elmer Sexton, 40; Enoch Bentley, 53; Billy Harlow, 55; Harry Lee Phillips, 66; Donald Mullins, 52; Kenneth Holbrook, 28; David Hurst, Head Coach."
Benham, Kentucky- "The Town that International Harvester Built" -Print, Photographic -Property of Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College
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