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Tape, Magnetic

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Record 408/842
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Collection Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Oral History Collection
Date 03/19/1986
Abstract Interview of Nancy Lewis by Maria Smith.

Interviewer's description-
"Mrs. Lewis is 84 years old; was born in Perry County, Kentucky. She has three children. She tells about having to stay out of school to help farm; so she never had much of an education. She was a patient in the hospital for the first time when she was 80 years old. She still keeps a garden and enjoys the work."

"Nancy Lewis was born July 8, 1903 in Perry County, Kentucky, one of 9 children. Mrs. Lewis discusses transportation (they rode horses to get around or they walked), town (the closest town was Cumberland, Kentucky), food (they raised their own), school (attended school at the mouth of Stoneyfork and at Leatherwood, Kentucky, had to walk 6 miles a day to school), entertainment (had no TV or radio, so they went to bean stringings, apple pealings, and molasses stir offs), marriage ( married Carter Lewis March 9, 1922), children (had 2 girls and 1 boy), work (her husband farmed and she worked 15 years, cleaning house for Jim Milton, Cumberland, Kentucky), and sickness (never had been in a hospital until she was 80 years old). Mrs. Lewis said that if she could change anything in her past, she would have been a better christian when she was young."
Object ID 2007.001.0424
Object Name Tape, Magnetic
Subjects Perry County, Kentucky
Field 01 Transcript available upon request
Interview date 03/19/1986
Interviewer Smith, Maria
Length of interview 30:54
Media Cassette Tape
Narrator Lewis, Nancy
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