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Tape, Magnetic

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Record 321/842
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Collection Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Oral History Collection
Date 10/23/1988
Abstract Interview of Maude Seals by Corrine Arvin.

Interviewer's description-
"Maude Seals was born on a farm at Cawood, Kentucky, (Harlan County) to Cipp and Sue Nolan, a family of 16. Her father had a fifth grade education and her mother had none. Mrs. Seals said she was named after a mule. Her earliest childhood memory was burning her hair off. Mrs. Seals remembers the Depression and WW I. Her education was the third grade. She married when she was 13 years old and had 18 kids. She stated their clothes consisted of overalls and feed sack dresses. She said she had lived a hard life with not many nice things. She recalls her son having a horse that died and they had to saw its legs off so it would fit in the grave. She also recalls a rooster they had that flogged women. Her daughter Betty scalded it with hot water one day. She said she would be afraid to whip children now, but she used to whip her children with whatever she could get her hands on; said she whipped Betty one day with an iron. Mrs. Seals has 65 grandchildren and 47 great grandchildren. She enjoys flowers and going out to eat at Druthers and Long John Silvers."
Object ID 2007.001.0332
Object Name Tape, Magnetic
Subjects Cawood, Kentucky
Great Depression
Harlan County, Kentucky
World War I
Field 01 Transcript available upon request
Interview date 10/23/1988
Interviewer Arvin, Corrine
Length of interview 29:35
Media Cassette Tape
Narrator Seals, Maude
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