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Tape, Magnetic

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Record 155/842
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Collection Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Oral History Collection
Date 07/09/1982
Abstract Interview of James C. Goode by Mike Yarrow.

Interviewer's description-
"James C. Goode traces the migration of his family from the copper mines in Tennessee to the coal fields in Harlan County, Kentucky at the Wisconsin Steel Division of International Harvester Company at Benham, Kentucky. His father worked 16 years at the mine and he, forty years. He discusses the early efforts by the U.M.W.A. to organize the coal mines in Harlan County. He notes the failure to organize the mine at Benham where eventually he helped found a chapter of the Progressive Mine Workers of America (was Union Secretary for a number of years). Mr. Goode briefly describes incidences of coal company coercion particularly in making purchases from the company owned stores. He also mentions the use of script. Much of Mr. Goode's tape involves discussing the violent tactics employed by both coal companies and unions in the organizing effort. He mentions that in 1941 over 5,000 shots fired during one battle. Other topics here included: (1) role of the Kentucky State Police in strike breaking, 2) spending habits of miners, 3) current economic woes of coal industry and 4) early mechanization of mines."
Object ID 2007.001.0160
Object Name Tape, Magnetic
Subjects Coal mining
Wisconsin Steel Corp.
International Harvester
United Mine Workers of America
Labor unions
Interview date 07/09/1982
Interviewer Yarrow~Mike
Length of interview 46:14, 46:12, 11:56
Media Cassette Tape
Narrator Goode~James C.
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