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Tape, Magnetic

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Record 146/842
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Collection Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College Oral History Collection
Date 04/08/1982
Abstract Interview of Chester Cooper by Opal Blevins. Cooper discusses his background and the Coxton coal camp.

Interviewer's description-
"In this interview with Mr. Cooper he talks of his family moving to Coxton, Kentucky around 1914. His father worked at Copper's. One of the mines had a 92 year lease for coal, another, (K.U. Mines) had a lease for 99 years. Mr. Cooper started working for Copper's in 1926 and left in 1936 when they shut down. He describes the school he attended (one teacher in particular, Mr. Goodman), entertainment, pool halls, movie theater, baseball, etc. and the different families in Coxton. He mentions that there was an Indian family living there, several Negro families living on Alabama Road and many others. (242 houses in all of the camps together). He also talks some about the Club House, passenger trains and flood control (which he feels needs to be done in Coxton). He closes the tape by giving advice to young people about going to work in the mines-particularly in safety. When he worked there you had to obey safety rules or else. Also wages are discussed. only made $2.40 a shift and had good hospitalization coverage. He is very much in favor of the U.M.W.A. Mr. Cooper also mentions the Burtons, Campbells, Joneses and other families he knew at Coxton."
Object ID 2007.001.0151
Object Name Tape, Magnetic
Subjects Coal camps
Coxton, Kentucky
Interview date 04/08/1982
Interviewer Blevins, Opal
Length of interview 28:26
Media Cassette Tape
Narrator Cooper, Chester
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